Coaching Myself: Week One Results & Week Two Plan

I am happy to report that my first week of coaching myself was a success. I completed all of my scheduled workouts, stuck to my eating plan, and lost 3.5 lbs of water weight! It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I've worked out more this week than I did when I was marathon training, and on Wednesday morning, when I was scheduled for a morning pool session, I was so close to just staying in my warm bed. I remembered that I wouldn't get my "reward" if I didn't do all of my planned workouts though, and I made myself go do it. I managed to swim a mile that day, so I'm glad I went. I also found that I was pretty tired on Friday before work, so I switched my planned workout with Saturday's so I could take it easy and use it as active recovery. Saturday I had a lot more energy to work out harder.

My plan for this week is as follows:

Monday: Upper body workout; 30 min stairmaster, Work 9-1
Tuesday: Lower body workout; 45 min ARC trainer, 20 min cycling, Work 1-3
Wednesday: 40 min swimming, 20 min aqua jogging; Work 9-3
Thursday: Lower body workout; 45 min ARC trainer, 30 min stairmaster
Friday: 40 min ARC trainer, 20 min cycling; Work 10-2
Saturday: Upper body workout; 45 min elliptical, 20 min bike
Sunday: Lower body workout

Target cardio time: 6 hours
Target upper body workouts: 2
Target lower body workouts: 3

Target weight loss: 1lb.

My reward for hitting all of my workouts and weight loss targets will be this cute Under Armour beanie. :)